Small business coaching

Solvecentric understands how difficult it can be in the early days. We provide guidance to new small businesses to help them navigate this new world

Just starting out and need guidance
Solvecentric can help you navigate

We know it's overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Solvecentric can provide guidance and education to get you on the road to success

Digital first is easier

Being a new business in a digital first environment means it easier to get started. Imagine older companies with all that technology and business process baggage. Digital transformation is not an easy road. Your new business does not have to worry about this. You will be nimble and quick. Able to pivot and test your way through those difficult first years. Solvecentric will show you how.

It's all about the platform

When starting, you will require the same initial functionality and business capabilities as many other small businesses. Over time your business will evolve and grow, but why should you have to pay for that now? Solvecentric created Academy for this reason. Default platform using core functionality but on a platform ready to grow with you. So you build at your pace and your cloud costs increase in line with that.

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